Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Love Across the Boundaries” by Amy White, from the album Home Sweet Home: Songs of Love, Loss & BelongingAlthough known for her breadth of elegant acoustic instrumentals, Amy was inspired to write this treasury of songs in the wake of what she calls “a wonderful rush of emotions.” Amy often performs with husband Al Petteway, a Grammy-winning guitarist who appears with her on this song.  He performs throughout the album, an inspiring collection of songs that are deeply intimate and relatable.

“I was inspired to write this song during the “Amendment One” vote/battle here in North Carolina. Some of our neighbors gave up on North Carolina and moved out of state after that amendment was passed. It broke my heart. For most of my life, I have composed perfectly bipartisan instrumental music. But I reached a turning point when I couldn’t shut out the lyrics that kept coming to me, and I couldn’t remain silent on issues that I cared about so deeply. The protest songs came to me first. Here is what the liner notes say about “Love Across the Boundaries”: ‘In honor of all the consenting, loving relationships that are still shunned. It is alarming to think of how this shunning can abbreviate one’s very life – sometimes in the most tragic way. Straight, gay, inter-racial, West Side – all love is true. This song is for the people on both sides of the shunning.’” ~ Amy White




Claire Ratliff

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