Sample Tracks 2

On the right there are some sample tracks from our catalogue. To activate them, click the above master play button. Then select a title you'd like to hear. If it turns out you like it, complete the "Request Music" template from the SUPERVISORS drop-down menu or click on the link. We'll be in touch right away to discuss your precise musical needs and timeframe. You don't have to search our library --- you can move on to other tasks. We'll cull our library ourselves, saving you the time and trouble, and at the speed of light (well, maybe a second or two slower) we'll send you a playlist.

Artists Featured:

Paul Adams

Lance Allen

Kara Barnard

Pierre Bensusan

Luke Brindley

Kathy Chiavola

Aleks Di Roma


Tommy Emmanuel

Face Vocal Band

Flower & McLaren

The Fretless

Friction Farm

Elizabeth Geyer

Tyler Grant

The David Grisman Sextet

Hip Fetish

David Hoffman


Deidre McCalla

Emy Phelps

Tony Rice

Kenny & Amanda Smith

Symbolic Insight

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  • 3:28
    Lance Allen | An infectiously cheery stroll with bright acoustic guitar and lyrical violin. Engaging and fluid. One stop. (112 bpm)
  • 3:08
    Luke Brindley | "As dark as it's gotten, it ain't dark yet." Encouraging song about building a life together, even if it means making ends meet. With smoky male vocal, acoustic guitar, and piano. One stop. (142 bpm)
  • 3:41
    Flower & McLaren | Bouncy narrative of an adventure in a Madagascar town, "like a shiny jewel in the sea." Accordion, electric bass, and female vocals. One stop. (116 bpm) 
  • 2:43
    Friction Farm | "Please recognize that hearts exist in many different kinds." Upbeat message in a folk/rock setting with an engaging groove. One stop. (86 bpm)
  • 4:29
    Elizabeth Geyer | "Don't blow up the world until I've shown you Paris." Light soprano vocal with pop band. One stop. (75 bpm)
  • 6:17
    David Hoffman | Playful interaction between piano and xylophone; joined by light percussion and trumpet later on. One stop. (112 bpm)
  • 5:13
    Emy Phelps | Silly song about a woman's further misfortune after her lover leaves her. "The only cure for a broken heart is to see that trouble coming and never let it start." One stop. (120 bpm)
  • 4:36
    D-Squared | Story song of the various happenings under a sky full of stars. With acoustic guitar and harp. One stop. (216 bpm)
  • 3:53
    Hip Fetish | Joyful instrumental; funky groove with acoustic instruments. Jazz/R&B vibe. One stop. (134 bpm)
  • 3:47
    Aleks Di Roma | Rhythmic flamenco guitar with bass and percussion. One stop. (220 bpm)
  • 2:40
    Kenny And Amanda Smith | Upbeat instrumental bluegrass tune comprised of guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. Jubilant and energetic. One stop. (122 bpm)
  • 3:04
    Paul Adams | Contemplative instrumental with sounds of a gentle rainfall. One Stop. (52 bpm)
  • 2:20
    Hungrytown | Sad minor chords underline the melancholy look back on memories. Emotional and a bit eerie. One Stop. (115 bpm)
  • 3:26
    Kara Barnard | Moody and mournful, this solo piece features an array of dynamics with a thumping bass line and bursts of harmonics. One Stop. (134 bpm)
  • 2:46
    Tyler Grant | An adventurous, virtuosic trip up and down the neck of the guitar. One Stop. (112 bpm)
  • 2:11
    Gregg Miner | Eclectic adaptation of Carol of the Bells, played on banduras and balalaikas. Subtly haunting. One Stop. (162 bpm)
  • 5:19
    Pierre Bensusan | Smooth male vocal sings in French over a delicately fingerpicked acoustic guitar. One Stop. (64 bpm)
  • 3:22
    The Fretless | Violins play a languid melody over smooth low notes from a cello. Classical meets Celtic in this unique instrumental. One Stop. (44 bpm)
  • 3:00
    Kathy Chiavola | When you're attracted to your best friend's husband, you've got a problem. Gospel vocals and biting electric guitar illustrate the passion. One-Stop. (76 bpm)
  • 4:07
    Deidre McCalla | An upbeat rock/pop anthem about the progress made toward world peace. The joyous chorus is a great singalong. One Stop. (136 bpm)
  • 3:10
    David Grisman with Tommy Emmanuel | Flatpicked guitar takes turns with flying mandolin notes to create a fun bluegrass-infused masterpiece. One Stop. (138 bpm)
  • 5:07
    David Grisman with Tony Rice | Fast and furious mandolin over a strummed guitar. Then, it's the guitar's turn. Great for a chase scene, country style. One Stop. (144 bpm)
  • 5:51
    The David Grisman Sextet | Mellow gypsy jazz, perfect for a romantic scene. Slow dance, anyone? One Stop. (116 bpm)
  • 4:09
    Tyler Edwards | "You've been picking fights with shadows twice your size." Poetic lyrics about a person having a tough time with love. Sweet arrangement that includes vocal harmonies. One Stop. (60 bpm)
  • 3:09
    Face Vocal Band || Gorgeous a cappella male vocal about the last round at their favorite bar as the lads are about to leave for the night. One Stop. (102 bpm)
  • 5:58
    Symbolic Insight || A tabla beat with growling distortion over the top. Perfect for that moment in a spy thriller where you need anticipation. One Stop. (rubato)