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On the right there are some sample tracks from our catalogue. To activate them, click the above master play button. Then select a title you'd like to hear. If it turns out you like it, complete the "Request Music" template from the SUPERVISORS drop-down menu or click on the link. We'll be in touch right away to discuss your precise musical needs and timeframe. You don't have to search our library --- you can move on to other tasks. We'll cull our library ourselves, saving you the time and trouble, and at the speed of light (well, maybe a second or two slower) we'll send you a playlist.

Artists Featured:

William Ackerman

John Adorney

Jamie Anderson

Carlo Aonzo

Paul Asbell

Kathy Barwick

Stephen Bennett

Byron Berline

Val Blaha

The Bobs

Robin Bullock

John Carlini

The Charflies

Ron Clearfield

Compass Rose Sextet

Dan Crary

Rick Cunha

Peppino D'Agostino

Lynx Dean and Random Order

Pat Donohue

Joe Ebel

Steve Eulberg

Alisa Fineman

Tony Furtado

Beppe Gambetta

Steve Grimes

David "Dawg" Grisman

Stefan Grossman

Dakota Dave Hull

John Jorgenson

John Keawe

Krüger Brothers

Jens Krüger

Annie Lalley

Emory Lester

Joel Mabus

Tim May

El McMeen

Angela "Bucky" Motter

Dario Napoli

Larry Pattis

Will Patton

John Malcolm Penn

Al Petteway

Harvey Reid

Phil Rosenthal

Steve Smith

Smithfield Fair

Steve Spurgin

Kristina Stykos

Don Stiernberg

Nancy Terzian

Three Ring Circle

Amy White

Tony Williamson

Doug Young

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  • 4:25
    Dan Crary | Dan exhibits his prowess on the steel string guitar with hints of Latin pride. Heightened anticipation provided by a second rhythm guitar. Sonorous and mysterious. One Stop. (138 bpm)
  • 5:12
    Emory Lester | The race is on. Mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and acoustic guitar are on the run with this energetic, original newgrass tune. One Stop. (120 bpm)
  • 5:05
    John Jorgenson Quintet | Spanish gypsy jazz at its finest. Jaw-dropping guitar and violin skills. Unpredictable twists and turns. Tumultuous and exhilarating. One Stop. (240 bpm)
  • 4:50
    Amy White | Thank goodness Amy will always return because we would sure miss her angelic, soothing tone. Captivating song about always coming back to the person you love. ¾ time mountain dulcimer and guitar accompaniment that will have you waltzing across the room in no time. One Stop. (64 bpm)
  • 3:13
    Al Petteway | Dreamy male/female duet filled to the brim with colorful harmonies. We have anecdotal evidence that it washes your troubles away, too. Visceral, rich, and nothing short of stunning. One Stop. (88 bpm)
  • 6:04
    David Grisman | Seductive gypsy-influenced “Dawg” music spiced with mandolin, flute, and violin. Like a gypsy, it wanders around in a minor key. Improvised, relaxed, and engaging. One Stop. (104 bpm)
  • 3:17
    John Malcom Penn | Inclement weather is on the way and Penn’s rustic voice urges you to take cover. Banjo/guitar interaction. Bluesy and tense. One Stop. (136 bpm)
  • 5:03
    Will Patton Ensemble | This jazz fusion tune will have you aurally transported to Brazil, marveling at the cascading Iguaçu Falls without a care in the world. Alluring, rhythmic, and “in the groove.” One Stop. (174 bpm)
  • 4:34
    Ron Clearfield | Harp-like piano accompaniment with elegant cello quite literally soaring throughout. Transcendent, stratospheric, and weightless. Suffused with highly anticipated resolutions and harmonies that will scatter goosebumps across your arms. One Stop. (Rubato)
  • 3:24
    Steve Spurgin | All aboard, outlaws. Steve Spurgin deftly weaves a tale of a town that abides by its own rules. Fiddle, mandolin, and dobro join in the town’s mayhem. Rollicking and restless. One Stop. (200 bpm).
  • 4:23
    Joel Mabus | Joel Mabus doesn’t just sing notes as they are; he transforms them into enrapturing stories. This one remembers fallen soldiers and reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice they made. Authentic, honest, and sure to tug at the heartstrings. One Stop. (50 bpm)
  • 3:02
    John Carlini | Captures the “essence of jazz” as Carlini takes unexpected turns for the better and flows with the ensemble. Innovative yet unobtrusive use of the five-string banjo. Rollicking, chipper, and quirky. One Stop. (260 bpm)
  • 4:02
    Don Stiernberg | A fresh, swingin’ take on the Sinatra classic. Jazz mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and a snare beat sure to have you dancing in no time. (198 bpm)
  • 4:40
    John Adorney | Jaw-droppingly beautiful New Age track. We kid you not. Riveting, ethereal, and sublime. One Stop. (90 bpm)
  • 4:17
    Tim May | Never fear, love is on its way! Male vocal track about the “butterflies-in-the-stomach” feeling that you and a special someone share. Exuberant contemporary folk tune bound to get your feet tapping. One Stop. (120 bpm)
  • 6:16
    Beppe Gambetta | A duet with male and female vocals, this emotional narrative is woven with resonant guitar, weeping accordion, and subtle percussion. Tragic and defeated. One Stop. (72 bpm)
  • 4:02
    Byron Berline | Fiddle, banjo, and mandolin hand off the melodic baton in earnest. Exuberant, foot-tapping update to the old-timey genre. One Stop. (120 bpm)
  • 3:48
    John Keawe | This lush, rich song conjures up the warmth of the receding sun. Lilting male vocal and slack-key guitar. Filled with nostalgia and all the colors of the sunset. One Stop. (118 bpm)
  • 4:04
    Krüger Brothers | Brilliant interplay among banjo, fiddle, and acoustic guitar paints a picture of Bonaparte’s hasty withdrawal from Russia. Polished and upbeat. One Stop. (100 bpm)
  • 3:26
    Jamie Anderson | Picture Mom proudly hanging your frenzied, crayon-overloaded kindergarten picture on the fridge, right next to your first report card. If that were a movie scene, this song should be playing. Confident, expressive piano and bouncy guitar accompany comforting female vocal. Catchy and nostalgic. One Stop. (114 bpm)
  • 2:50
    Stephen Bennett | Spunk and funk wrapped up in one guitarist handling every parameter of the music. It’s got pizzazz and punch written all over it. One Stop. (142 bpm)
  • 4:12
    Tony Furtado | Bluegrass meets edgy rock. Yes, you heard right. Furtado’s virtuosic banjo playing and tireless, evocative voice join forces in this song about the magic of being attracted to someone. One Stop. (98 bpm)
  • 4:15
    Joe Ebel | Say goodbye to your worries as they soar off into oblivion. An inspiring instrumental track complete with guitar, percussion, and violin. Astral, breathtaking, and relaxing. One Stop. (90 bpm)
  • 3:12
    Rick Cunha | Wistful, dreamy slide resonator guitar. Reminiscent of a Hawaiian beach. One Stop. (148 bpm)
  • 5:21
    Steve Grimes | Pensive song about the questions that life itself raises. Well-crafted lyrics with tinges of rock. Tasteful organ lines and fills. James Tayloresque vocal. One Stop. (112 bpm)
  • 4:30
    Stefan Grossman | Rockin’, bluesy guitar instrumental with attitude. Moody and rhythmic, with some punch to top it all off. One man show. One Stop. (260 bpm)
  • 6:57
    Harvey Reid | Colorful, mystical arpeggiations as pure as the stallion’s white coat. Striking guitar work that will take your breath away as it ebbs and flows. One Stop. (124 bpm)
  • 5:03
    Lynx Dean and Random Order | Blistering, dark, and sultry. Electric guitar, trombone, drums, and edgy female vocal. Belligerent. Exudes attitude. One Stop. (168 bpm)
  • 3:56
    Dario Napoli | Sophisticated, dynamic instrumental track. Ashamed and somber one minute to proud and upbeat the next. Top-echelon guitarist. One Stop. (100/204 bpm)
  • 4:04
    Dan Crary | Steel string guitar, piano, and violin coalesce to form a stellar team, while hand drum keeps the beat. Fluidly moves from exuberant to reflective. One Stop. (131 bpm)
  • 4:45
    Dakota Dave Hull | Cavorting rag with mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Amusing, playful, and slightly mischievous. One Stop. (128 bpm)
  • 1:02
    John Carlini & Carlo Aonzo | A Bach classic is brought to light with the precise skill of master guitarist John Carlini and virtuoso mandolinist Carlo Aonzo. Fingers flying across the fretboard. Contrapuntal and mesmerizing. One Stop. (164 bpm)
  • 3:41
    34. Angela "Bucky" Motter | She beautifully sings, "As if you'd known your whole life" in this reflection of self-discovery. Guitar, bass, violin, and drums. LGBT. One Stop. (129 bpm)
  • 2:43
    The Charflies | This guy just can’t catch a break. Winter has arrived, love has left him, and he has “nothing to lose and nothing to gain”. Bluegrass instruments with male/female vocals. Strident and defeated. One Stop. (194 bpm)
  • 3:37
    Robin Bullock | This instrumental track is colored with rich piano and acoustic guitar. Loaded with aesthetically-pleasing harmonies and wonderful cohesion between the instruments. Progressively advances towards a climax before gently receding back into a contemplative setting. One Stop. (122 bpm)
  • 1:42
    El McMeen | A poignant, heartfelt take on the McPeake Irish traditional tune. Surely you’ve heard it before, but not like this. Reflective acoustic guitar, plus a tug or ten on the heartstrings. One Stop. (102 bpm)
  • 5:25
    Compass Rose Sextet | Polyethnic jazz fusion instrumental track. Mandolin, violin, guitar, and Caribbean percussion hand off the melodic baton one after the other. Pulsating, rhythmic, and sensual. One Stop. (160 bpm)
  • 2:58
    Kathy Barwick | Feels like coming home. You’ve just pulled up the drive and can already smell the pie in the oven. The sun warms your face, and the family runs out the door to greet you. Crisp and sweet, just like the apple for which it is named. All that from a lone banjo. One Stop. (108 bpm)
  • 4:24
    Three Ring Circle | Rowdy, danceable, and just a dandy good time. Frenzied mandolin and resonator guitar supported by tasteful electric upright bass. One Stop. (300 bpm)
  • 2:43
    Phil Rosenthal | A playful, catchy teaching ditty about bluegrass instruments. Happy, strophic, and foot-tapping. One Stop. (102 bpm)
  • 4:17
    Kristina Stykos | This edgy singer/songwriter means business. And she’s up to no good, apparent by the raucous violin and strident resonator guitar. Minor key makes the hair on your neck stand on end, too. One Stop. (200 bpm)
  • 2:54
    Tony Williamson | The big top has rolled into town! Whimsical, chipper ditty alternating between mandolin and acoustic guitar. Jolly and frolicsome. One Stop. (174 bpm)
  • 3:09
    Smithfield Fair | It’s a call to arms. Off to war we go. Patriotic, Gaelic male vocal, accompanied by guitar and accordion. Driving and determined. One Stop. (108 bpm)
  • 5:12
    Larry Pattis | Heartfelt, solo acoustic guitar. Perfect soundscape for wide outdoor scenes, aerial panoramas, high end vacation ads. Dynamic with a delicate ebb and flow. One Stop. (140 bpm)
  • 3:15
    Nancy Terzian | Ladies, we’re on the same page as you. Speculating what makes men tick is the subject of this seductive, R&B-tinged song. Smooth, sensual female vocal. One Stop. (94 bpm)
  • 3:00
    Doug Young | Curl up with a cup of tea and watch the rain. Feel a little sorry for yourself while you’re at it. Melancholy instrumental guitar track. One Stop. (Rubato)
  • 5:31
    Steve Eulberg | Grab a cold lemonade and kick your feet up. Harmonica lazily croons along with Steve Eulberg, singing about that trusty old porch swing. Carefree, languid, and perfect for a warm, summer afternoon. One Stop. (76 bpm)
  • 4:35
    Will Ackerman | Tranquil, striking instrumental track, perfect for meditation or yoga. Ambient acoustic guitar, soaring violin, and supportive percussion. Dynamic, fluid, flawless. One Stop. (Rubato)
  • 3:24
    Jens Krüger | Jens Krüger simply must be superhuman. How else do we account for his astonishing skill on the banjo? Multi-instrument track with rollicking banjo in the spotlight. Frenzied, at break neck speed, and quite frankly, brilliant. One Stop. (260 bpm)
  • 2:57
    Annie Lalley | Breathtaking, innocent female vocal contemplates the sad people we encounter every day. This song urges us to be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s cloudy day. Heartfelt, poetic lyrics. One Stop. (134 bpm)
  • 4:46
    Steve Smith | Haunting rubato introduction sets the scene, chords swirling like the wind. When the hand drum, bass, and guitar join the mandolin duo though, it’s game on. Driving and restless. One Stop. (226 bpm)
  • 2:58
    Pat Donohue | Male vocal oozes the blues, moaning about another heartbreak. Catchy lead fingerstyle guitar motif sulks along. Dejected, yet invigorating. One Stop. (140 bpm)
  • 4:58
    Val Blaha | Don’t blink. August is fleeting. Calm female singer urge us to enjoy all its beautiful qualities while you can. Banjo, pedal steel guitar, piano, drums. Country feel. One Stop. (110 bpm).
  • 3:03
    The Bobs | All vocal ode to the helmet. Original song, written and performed by The Bobs, a world class acapella group. One Stop. (88 bpm)
  • 5:10
    Alisa Fineman | Captivating female vocal sings, "Here's to a cup of kindness, a medicine so strong." A heartfelt expression of gratefulness for friendship with gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment. One stop. (66 bpm)
  • 5:52
    Paul Asbell | Swampy slide guitar with iconic minor-key blues riffs; lots of rests. Varied tempo. One-Stop.
  • 4:20
    Steve Spurgin | Warm baritone vocal tells the bittersweet tale of a lonely motel bypassed on the interstate. "Say hello to progress and goodbye to the Moonlight Motor Inn." One Stop. (92 bpm)