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On the right there are some sample tracks from our catalogue. To activate them, click the above master play button. Then select a title you'd like to hear. If it turns out you like it, complete the "Request Music" template from the SUPERVISORS drop-down menu or click on the link. We'll be in touch right away to discuss your precise musical needs and timeframe. You don't have to search our library --- you can move on to other tasks. We'll cull our library ourselves, saving you the time and trouble, and at the speed of light (well, maybe a second or two slower) we'll send you a playlist. 

Artists Featured: 

William Ackerman

John Adorney

Jamie Anderson

Carlo Aonzo

Paul Asbell

Kathy Barwick

Stephen Bennett

Byron Berline

Val Blaha

Robin Bullock

Kyle Carey

John Carlini

The Charflies

Ron Clearfield

Compass Rose Sextet

Dan Crary

Rick Cunha

Peppino D'Agostino

Lynx Dean and Random Order

Pat Donohue

Joe Ebel

Steve Eulberg

Alisa Fineman

Tony Furtado

Beppe Gambetta

Steve Grimes

David "Dawg" Grisman

Stefan Grossman

Dakota Dave Hull

John Jorgenson

John Keawe

Krüger Brothers

Jens Krüger

Annie Lalley

Emory Lester

Joel Mabus

Tim May

El McMeen

Angela "Bucky" Motter

Dario Napoli

Larry Pattis

Will Patton

John Malcolm Penn

Al Petteway

Harvey Reid

Phil Rosenthal

Steve Smith

Smithfield Fair

Steve Spurgin

Kristina Stykos

Don Stiernberg

Nancy Terzian

Three Ring Circle

Amy White

Mason Williams

Tony Williamson

Doug Young


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