What We Do 

BNS has what we believe is the most comprehensive, high-quality collection of mixed, mastered original handmade music in existence today. We make it available for licensing to music supervisors and creative teams in the film, television and commercial advertising industries.  About 95% of our tracks are pre-cleared and ready to license.  We have absolute contractual authority from our artists and composers to close licensing deals immediately --- on the spot.

When potential licensees express interest in a particular sound (instruments, tempo, emotional feel, etc.), artist, or musical genre, we send them a full-track playlist conforming to those parameters.  Potential licensees tell us what they need, and we cull our massive music library for it.  Once a track from a playlist is selected, we follow up swiftly with the licensing details and can make it a "wrap" with the stroke of a pen.

Several of our artists accept work-for-hire assignments, too--- anything from solo instrument cues to combos of any size to full orchestral works. We have a cadre of very talented, versatile voice-over artists as well. Our work-for-hire artists have long and impressive track records. We are used to deadlines, and so are they.